Weapon alignment - making the most of your resources


Aligning your weapons -


 - reducing your combat losses

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Combat strength - and economy


Fire - correct - and fire again
- can you afford that time loss?


An incoming, maneuvering sea-skimming missile won't give you a second chance. Time is short. And weapon platforms are expensive.

Aligning your weapon systems is an unmatched cost-efficient way to reduce combat losses and increase combat strength.


Best insurance - verify your weapon system
- both alignment and functionality

Verify your weapon delivery!


In good faith - or having knowledge?


Proving the performance and characteristics of a weapon system can be a challenge. Documenting them ever more so.

Our methods and alignment tools help you verify your delivery, both alignment and weapon functioning. And you get the results documented.


Great investments need protection


Check out your weapon systems!


Weapon alignment
- is it just about alignment?

Critical errors may be hidden until it is too late. Therefore, our state-of-the-art alignment equipment is designed to test and verify function and performance of your weapon system as well.


With our approach, you can verify characteristics, find and identify faults and malfunctions without having to carry out expensive and time-consuming firing tests

Offshore applications -

Structural stability, safety and surveillance


Oil platforms ...


... or FPSO - both in harsh environment

Hoping for the best ...


Fatigue-induced deformations or damage due to incidents put all offshore platforms at risk.


Misalignment and dislocations might cause standstill, severe accidents or even structural collapse in the worst case.

... or taking measures?


Our portable tilt alignment system, Aligner 308, offers accurate lining-up and co-planning of parts and sub-units of floating structures, tasks that previously were not even possible to carry out at sea.

In addition, our stationary installed systems provide surveillance functions for alarm settings at customer-defined deformation levels - all to further improve safety.