Aligner 224
Optical Tracking Evaluation System



  • Project oriented; one ship / occasion - one project

  • Easily retrive results from any project

  • Built-in step-by-step guided alignment procedures - auto calculated roll, pitch, azimuth, elevation - no manual calculations

  • Up to eight video sources can be connected

  • Up to four video channels can be monitored/recorded/replayed simultaneously

  • Ship’s tracker director cameras and A224 Gun Cameras can be combined arbitrarily

  • True gun barrel axis measurement

  • High precision, i.e. resolution, repeatability and accuracy

  • High optical/mechanical stability over temperature and time

  • Precise Gun Camera installation in only a few seconds

  • Gun Camera is self-aligned to the bore. No adjustments necessary

  • Gun adapters for Aligner 308 and all Aligner 2xx systems are compatible

  • Built-in electronic cross hairs

  • Electronic cross hairs setup for ship's tracker/director cameras

  • Built-in optional video tracker enables convenient target tracking in multiple windows, simultaneously

  • Built-in step-by-step guided calibration functions​

            + much more...


Aligner 224, Mk4

Our latest model. The separate Video Acquisition Unit enables a wide choice of PCs. The PC on the picture is a rugged, mil spec laptop.


Calibrated cross hairs


The picture illustrates an alignment analysis where the video from a gun camera is compared to that of the ship's IR tracking camera.

Cross hairs can be calibrated for both Gun Cameras and for the ship's tracker cameras, thus enabling true absolute and relative measurements to be made.


Video Acquisition Unit (VAU)

Enables up to four Gun Cameras and four ship's tracker/director cameras to be connected.


Rapid attachment...


of Gun Camera or Tilt Sensor. Insert and attach in a few seconds!


...of self-aligning Gun Adapter...


with extreme accuracy, unaffected of wear of the barrel or whether the bore is smooth or rifled.


...with no need for adjustments...


or security straps. Just insert and go! Watch the video!