Calibration & accessories

Trusting your equipment

Mechanical wear and tear, electrical components drift or even failure are all possible causes to inaccuracies occuring in any advanced measurement equipment.


Schill service or self-service

We recommend that the aligner equipment is checked and calibrated once a year in order to verify correct and accurate behaviour. Users can verify and calibrate the aligner tools themselves. Alternatively, we can provide calibration service upon request.


How to make self-service?

All our alignment systems can be calibrated by the user. Our PC-based systems contain selfinstructive procedures taking the user through all calibration tasks. Making tests and calibration even simpler, we also provide some helpful tools.




The Calibration Flat

Included as a standard tool in Aligner 308 delivery for tilt sensor offset checking and calibration


The Scale Factor & Azimuth Calibration Fixture

Optional tool in Aligner 308 delivery for checking and calibration of scale factor and azimuth offset for tilt sensors


Gun Adapter Calibration Fixture (GACF)


Optional tool, providing a simulated gun bore center line for checking and calibration of azimuth and elevation offset for:

  • Gun Cameras

  • Gun Adapters


  • Highly stable, minimizing unintentional movements during and between measurements

  • Adjustable in azimuth and elevation for convenient targeting

  • Enables rotation of the tested Gun Adapter while maintaining the simulated gun bore center line

  • Enables fixation of Gun Adapters with different calibers by simply switching Barrel Clamps