Well protected - or a sitting duck?

Weapon alignment services

We provide weapon alignment service on naval vessels around the world. Our expertise and alignment tools can be rented for static and/or dynamic alignment of complete weapon systems of parts thereof.

Shooting tests, made adjacently to our alignment have frequently caused minor-sized towed air targets or floating radar reflector targets to be destroyed in direct hits by the artillery!


Alignment training

Weapon alignment training in theory and practice is an important part when delivering our alignment systems to our customers. Refreshment courses are provided as well, ensuring high quality alignment results on alignments performed by our customers.

Calibration services

As with most advanced measurement tools, regular checking and calibration of the Aligner 308 and Aligner 2xx systems should be performed in order to guarantee the specified accuracy and functionality.



Although all parts of our alignment systems can be calibrated by the user, thanks to built-in calibration procedures, some of our customers prefer using our calibration services.


Gun Adapter Calibration Fixture